Magical gems to visit near Delhi by Force Urbania

Magical gems to visit near Delhi by Force Urbania
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Do you often notice yourself yearning for a brief getaway from the bustling city life of Delhi? Look no in addition! In this newsletter, we will take you on a tour by Force Urbania to find the hidden gemstones situated within a 200-kilometer radius of the capital metropolis. Whether you are a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or searching for a serene getaway, those lesser-known locations near Delhi are certain to captivate your senses. So, hop on a Force Urbania and get equipped to get on an unforgettable journey!

Book a Trip to Places close to Delhi

Let us jump into the details of these places to visit near Delhi. Book a trip through Force Urbania to these places near Delhi. We made it easy for you to book the trip as we have a variety of Force Urbanias available for you. The wonderful vehicles will provide trips, and weekend getaways in comfort and safety. Simply, book your seat, take a seat, and loosen up as you leave the busy streets of Delhi.

4 Lesser-Known Places near Delhi within 200 km


Located about 122 kilometers from Delhi, Neemrana is a historical city to be able to ship you again in time. The highlight of this location is the Neemrana Fort Palace, an extraordinary background lodge that gives breathtaking views and a glimpse into the royal beyond. Explore the grandeur of the palace, indulge in a rejuvenating spa consultation, or surely experience a leisurely walk through the captivating lanes of this old-fashioned town.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary:

If you are a nature lover, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a place you just can’t miss. This beautiful place is located 46 km away from Delhi. The place is home to rare birds that you will be amazed to see. Take a walk along the beautifully managed paths of the Sanctuary. Guess what? You will see different species of birds in a most peaceful environment. It is a must-visit place to visit near Delhi. Are you a nature lover? If yes, this place is for you.


For a flavor of rural India, head to Kuchesar, a village located around 80 kilometers from Delhi. Known for its sizeable sugarcane fields and historical buildings, Kuchesar gives a glimpse into the country's attractions of the countryside. Explore the stunning Kuchesar Fort, take a bullock cart journey via the fields, and savor the delicious neighborhood cuisine for a true rural experience.

Damdama Lake:

Situated just 60 kilometers from Delhi, Damdama Lake is a really perfect weekend getaway for adventure fanatics. Engage in exciting sports like mountain climbing, hot air ballooning, and boating. The tranquil environment of the lake offers a far-wanted respite from the town noise, making it a perfect vacation spot for a day of relaxation and journey.

How to Choose a Place to Visit of Your Choice

With such a lot of options to select from, it could be overwhelming to decide which location to go to near Delhi. Here are a few factors to recall while making your choice:

  • Interests: Determine what form of Force Urbania trip you are seeking out. Are you interested in history, nature, journeys, or in reality rest? Each of these places offers a unique experience, so select the only one that aligns together with your choices.
  • Distance: Consider the gap between Delhi and the time you have available for the experience. If you are seeking out a short-day experience, choose locations that might be closer to the metropolis. If you have a weekend to spare, you may explore places that are a chunk farther away.
  • Accessibility: Check the accessibility of the locality. Make sure that there is reliable transportation like ours to book. Along with the Force Urbania trip, make your travel experience clean and convenient.
  • Reviews: Read reviews and guidelines from fellow tourists to get an idea of what to expect. Look for nice feedback about the vacation spot's points of interest, centers, and overall experience. By thinking about those factors, you could make a knowledgeable choice and pick a place close to Delhi that fits your choices.


We must tell you! Some places are hiding near your place and we know life in Delhi is difficult. So, mini getaways are important. There are many sites to explore near Delhi. The places are ideal for weekend getaways. Do you know? Delhi is surrounded by hidden gems that you must explore. You cannot miss booking a Force Urbania for your next trip. We promise you will only have a relaxed journey. No stress of driving, parking, or getting tired. From old towns to peaceful lakes, there is something for all. When are you booking a ride on a Force Urbania? Get on a trip to discover those less-known places close to Delhi. Dip yourself in the beauty of nature and cherish its history. Check out the thrilling adventures in these rare gems. Believe us when we say this. Don’t forget to book a ride as per your interests. Choose your accessibility and share the places that you wish to discover. We will do the rest for you. We will make sure you have a memorable experience. Happy traveling!

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