Exploring Himachal: Must visit Summer Destinations by Force Urbania

Exploring Himachal: Must visit Summer Destinations by Force Urbania
  • In the lap of the beautiful Himalayas, a heaven for nature lovers.

Himachal Pradesh is full of beauty. It is a heaven for people searching for peace inside nature. Scenic perspectives, splendid valleys, and a religious reserve protect it. Get on an adventure in Himachal by Force Urbania. Travelers from everywhere in the globe go to immerse themselves in its peace. Let us dig deeper into the charming places you may discover in this scenic state. Are you looking for places to visit this summer in Himachal? If yes, we have a list for you. Choose your place and book a Force Urbani trip for your summer vacation.

Dharamshala: A Place of Grace

It is the divine capital of Himachal Pradesh. It charms travelers with its peaceful surroundings and rich creative culture. A trip by Force Urbania will let you travel with ease. Are you ready for a trip to Dharamshala by Force Urbania?

Things to do:

  • Explore McLeod Ganj. Begin your adventure by way of exploring McLeod Ganj. The colorful suburb that serves as the house of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Dip yourself in Tibetan tradition as you walk through the busy streets. Do you know? It is covered with colorful prayer flags and embellished with crafted stupas.
  • Trek to Triund: For journey lovers, a trek to Triund is a must-do hobby. The trek is recognized for its breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar range. It gives an excellent combo of journey and calmness. As you go up the winding paths, be prepared to be mesmerized. The scenic vistas that unfold before you will be charming. 
  • Bhagsu Waterfall: Indulge your senses inside the beauty of Bhagsu Waterfall. Located a brief distance from McLeod Ganj. The flowing waters, surrounded by lush greenery, create a serene atmosphere. It is perfect for unwinding and refreshing your soul.

Shimla: The Queen of Hills

Shimla is called the Queen of Hills. It is an attraction to soothe your eyes. It offers a perfect escape from the roasting heat of the plains. Are you ready to book a trip to Shimla by Force Urbania?

Things to do:

  • Mall Road: Stroll along Shimla's famous Mall Road. Covered with stores, cafes, and colonial-era homes. Pamper yourself with shopping. Deal with your flavor buds to delicious nearby cuisine. As you soak within the lively surroundings, get amazed.
  • Jakhu Temple: Seek blessings at Jakhu Temple. Devoted to Lord Hanuman and perched atop Jakhu Hill. The temple offers panoramic views of the encompassing hills and valleys. Thus, making it a famous pilgrimage site and traveler's appeal.
  • Toy Train Ride: Experience the nostalgia of a toy-talk trip from Kalka to Shimla. Check out the lender-gauge railway, with its quaint stations and scenic vistas. It gives a memorable journey through the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

Manali: Gateway to Adventure

Located among snow-capped peaks and plush valleys. Manali is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature fans alike. Isn’t it exciting? We are sure your answer is yes!

Things to do:

  • Solang Valley: Get on an adventure by booking luxury Force Urbania. A day at Solang Valley in peace and harmony. You can take pleasure in several interesting activities. Check out paragliding, zorbing, and skiing (at some stage in the winter months). The breathtaking panorama, with its rolling meadows and snow-capped peaks. Did you know? It offers the best backdrop adventures.
  • Rohtang Pass: Journey to Rohtang Pass, a surprise at its breathtaking beauty. The skip is surrounded by towering mountains and glaciers. It offers scenic views of the Himalayan landscape. A famous vacation spot in Manali for snow activities and sightseeing.
  • Old Manali: Explore the captivating streets of Old Manali. Surrounded by charming cafes, vibrant markets, and rustic guesthouses beckon. Travelers to unwind and soak within the laid-returned vibe. Check out the region’s culture as you interact with pleasant locals. Enjoy delicious Himachali cuisine.

Kasol: A Backpacker's Heaven

Tucked away within the Parvati Valley. Kasol is a peaceful place famous for its scenic beauty and relaxed environment. Here's how you could experience the charm of Kasol:

Things to do:

  • Riverside Camping: Escape the hustle and bustle of town existence. Relax within nature with a riverside tenting in Kasol. Set up camp by the tranquil waters of the Parvati River. Dip yourself in the soothing sounds of nature.
  • Kheerganga Trek: Get on a trek to Kheerganga. Find the natural hot springs nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Parvati Valley. The trek is viewed for its scenic splendor and spiritual significance. It offers a refreshing enjoyment for the frame and soul. Book your trip to Kasol by Force Urbania and experience the best of it.
  • Explore Israeli Cafes. Delight your flavor buds with Israeli cuisine at the quirky cafes. They are lining the streets of Kasol. From falafel and hummus to shakshuka and sabich. The culinary scene in Kasol reflects the various colorful expat networks.

Dalhousie: Peaceful Hill Station

Colonial architecture, pine-clad valleys, and scenic perspectives. It is a charming hill station that guarantees a retreat within nature. Here's how you can make the most of your trip to Dalhousie:

Things to do:

  • Khajjiar: Dubbed the 'Mini Switzerland of India,' Khajjiar. An attractive field surrounded by compact forests and snow-capped peaks. Spend a day exploring the scenic beauty of Khajjiar. Indulge in activities along with horse riding and picnicking by using the lake.
  • Dainkund Peak: Go on a trek to Dainkund Peak, the popular spot in Dalhousie. Enjoy panoramic perspectives of the surrounding valleys and snow-capped peaks. Recognized for its scenic beauty and quietness. Do you know? It gives a break from the hustle and bustle of city existence.
  • St. John's Church: Visit St. John's Church. An architectural wonder decorated with beautiful glass windows and serene surroundings. Take a second to soak in the calmness of the church and provide a prayer for peace and charm. Force Urbania booking is going to be the best decision of your life.


Book a Force Urbania ride and get on an adventure to Himachal Pradesh this summertime. Dig yourself inside the peace of its scenic landscapes and religious reserves. Are you trying to find a mission, divine insight, or an instance of remoteness inside nature's grip? Himachal Pradesh offers limitless experiences to health each tourist’s liking. So, roll your baggage, and board on an adventure of a lifetime. Sot the true spirit of harmony inside the coronary heart of the Himalayas. Believe us when we say this, each location has failed in the front of those concealed locations of Himachal! When is your next summer trip?

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