Delhi to Pushkar Road Trip By Car: By Urbania Van Guided Tour

 Delhi to Pushkar Road Trip By Car: By Urbania Van Guided Tour
  • Select a Reliable Car Rental and Experience the Soul of Rajasthan on Your Trip

Choosing a car rental from Delhi to Pushkar makes your trip cozy and personal and lets you discover at your pace. You might enjoy the freedom of the road or like having a car available. The trip allows for many adventures and views. It's essential to pick a top travel agency in Delhi to arrange your perfect escape.

Seeking tour packages from Delhi and to arrange a Pushkar package from Delhi? Are you looking for the best travel agencies in Delhi for an easy trip? If your answer is yes, we are here. This guide will assist you in organizing a memorable experience.

Selecting the Best Time for Your Trip

Timing is crucial for road trips. A Road Trip Delhi to Pushkar, Best Time to go to Pushkar are from November to March. In this period, the weather is pleasant. It is excellent for viewing the landscapes and participating in outdoor events. Checking out the essential desert safari is fun in this season. Summers are hot, and the rainy season sees fewer tourists due to scant rainfall. 

Choosing the Right Car - Urbania Rental Service

To have a comfortable and smooth journey selecting a reliable car rental service is necessary. Search for services that have transparent pricing and positive customer reviews. Keep in mind reserving your car rental or booking a Urbania Van early can result in a better rate and ensure you receive the car you desire. Delhi is filled with multiple renting a car or Delhi to Pushkar Urbania hire services. All you need to do is choose a right one.

Planning Your Route

Route     Details
NH48 utilising Rohtak Road The quickest route to tour from Delhi to Pushkar and it requires approximately 7 hours. This direction affords a clean force and offers suitable dhabas to forestall.
Alwar Bhiwandi road This ride has breaks at Neemrana acknowledged for its fortress and subculture. Also, Jaipur wherein you could check out meals like dal baati churma.

Starting your road experience from Delhi to Pushkar isn't just about a trip. It gives a treat to view colourful sights and wealthy records. 

Top Views on the Route

Start in busy Delhi and notice the well-known Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Humayun's Tomb earlier than starting your highway drive. Move towards Ajmer in which the peaceful Anna Sagar Lake and the historical Ajmer Dargah are perfect places to forestall and think. A decision of Pushkar Urbania rent is also a great idea.

Good Places to Eat 

Renting a car gives you freedom. You can stop and enjoy as per your needs. It serves many dhabas and eating joints which offers you the real flavours of local Indian tastes that you should try.  When you are closer to Jaipur, you can go to Amer Fort near KK Royal Hotel for light and sound show before ending the night. Thereafter, you must try Pushkar coffee house and Sunset Cafe which is a perfect option for lake view. 

Exploring Pushkar: The Places of Interest

Pushkar Bazaar produces many colours, tones, and fragrances. Also, Hollywood-style glamorous look with conventional Rajasthani costumes. Checkout the beautiful accessible artifacts that depict the region’s picturesque living. 

Attractions   Details of the popular must do activities
Pushkar Lake The most significant religious mobility in the metropolis depends on Pushkar Lake. It is fifty-two ghats in the extensive reach.
Temple of Brahma.  One of the major attractions of Puskar dedicated to Lord Brahma
Night Aarti Night Aarti on the lake gives the audience a sense of spiritualism that performances accompanied by chants and lighting make.
Havelis The architecture of the havelis in Pushkar especially the carved. The painted external facades express the taste of the earlier periods and the regional architecture.
Local Markets The factor of shopping will make an appearance at some point of the Pushkar fair. Groups will converge to haggle costs on equipment including sewn outfits and leather items.

Spiritual Experiences

Of special importance is that the town is famous for many temples and ashrams. We suggest the twice a year fair visit to the Pushkar Camel Fair. It has presentation of camel subculture and religious packages. For those who want to find peace and quiet, it is recommended to join the fans of yoga and meditation. It is are on the stairs to the river – it provides amazing awakening energy to the soul.


Before ending it, bear in mind that this ride is not merely to get to a far place, but to experience one-of-a-kind culture or even discover the self. With those recommendations, both the travellers and the spiritual seekers will only have to prepare for an exciting journey from Delhi to Pushkar. Thus, depending on the positive experience offered by a best travel agency. This should not simply be a tour to Pushkar across the area. It is likewise a possibility to experience the lively identity of Rajasthan and to leave with some great memories.

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