The City of Lord Ram: A trip to Ayodhya from Delhi by Force Urbania

The City of Lord Ram: A trip to Ayodhya from Delhi by Force Urbania
  • Discovering the Sacred City of Ayodhya from Delhi

Ram Lala has arrived. The city has been blessed with the presence of Lord Ram. The Ram mandir has become a popular spot in Ayodhya recently. Choosing a Force Urbania is an amazing option for many reasons. It’s a comfortable, convenient, and a beauty journey. You can choose the variants of Force Urbania according to the size of your group. It’s a perfect choice to book a Force Urbania for your trip to Ayodhya. The journey offers ease allowing you to travel as per your needs.

Booking a Force Urbania for your trip to Ayodhya from Delhi

Are you thinking of where to find Ayodhya Packages? How to book a trip to Ayodhya? Look no further, we have a range of new models of Force Urbania. To book a short trip or a customized package, simply reach us. Surf our website or drop a text if you don’t find the city of your choice. We will customize each trip for you. Booking a trip from Delhi to Ayodhya is a great choice. It ensures that you have the best vehicle of your choice.

Things to do: Popular sights in Ayodhya and nearby places 

On your visit to Ayodhya, there are many things you can do to make the most of your trip. Ayodhya is popular for its amazing culture and history. You will have several sights to explore and learn about the old stories. Here are a few famous spots in Ayodhya and nearby places that you can check out in your journey: There are some popular activities and attractions to check out:

  • Discover the iconic Ram Mandir. Ram Janmabhoomi is the birthplace of Lord Ram and an important holy site for Hindu devotees. Visit the temple and dip yourself in the divine vibes of the holy place.
  • A visit to Hanuman Garhi Temple is something you can’t miss. The charming temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is situated on a hill. You can check out the scenic views of Ayodhya. The temple is famous for its architecture and is one of the popular temples to visit in Ayodhya. You must visit Hanuman Garhi Temple. This temple gives beautiful views of Ayodhya. The temple is known for its carvings and is a famous temple to go in Ayodhya for spiritual seekers.
  • A boating experience at the Sarayu River. Enjoy a serene boat trip on the Sarayu River and witness the charming sunset views. The river holds spiritual importance and provides the charm of Ayodhya. So, check out Sarayu River. Take a boat ride on the charming Sarayu River and soak in the peaceful ambiance. The river holds high-quality spiritual importance and is assumed to cleanse the soul.
  • Pay a visit to Kanak Bhavan Temple. This temple is devoted to Lord Ram and Sita. It is thought for its beautiful structure and houses super idols of the deities.
  • Visit other temples and holy sites. Ayodhya is home to many temples and holy sites, every with its very own records and importance.
  • Some different top-notch temples to go to include Kanak Bhavan Temple and Nageshwarnath Temple. It is located at the banks of the Sarayu River, this ancient temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is believed to be the spot wherein Lord Ram accomplished a yagna for the duration of his reign.

Flavors of Ayodhya: Traditional and Authentic Food

When it involves exploring food in Ayodhya, you can relish many cuisines, together with North Indian, South Indian, and street meals. There are several nearby eateries and eating places that serve delicious vegetarian food, reflecting the cultural flavors of Ayodhya. Some should-attempt dishes consist of kachori sabzi, chole bhature, and jalebi.

Exploring the nearby road food stalls is likewise an extremely good way to experience the culinary delights of Ayodhya without breaking the bank. You can take pleasure in mouth-watering snacks like samosas, pani puri, and aloo tikki at affordable costs.


When we talk about a trip to Ayodhya by Force Urbania, we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime. It is a great way to discover the holy city filled with joy, history, and spirituality. With our comfortable and, clean vehicles, you will only have to relax and leave the rest on us. And guess what? You can choose from a variety of Force Urbanias and enjoy a hassle-free and fun trip.

Ayodhya is a beautiful place to be at. It offers many attractions. You can experience the views of rivers and check out the iconic temples. Are you a religious person? If yes, check out this spiritual retreat of history and traditions. Explore the vintage architecture. Ayodhya is a blessing for everyone. Book your Force Urbania trip to Ayodhya today. Get a memorable experience in this divine city. Feel the holy vibes and dig into the rich history. Create lasting memories in a city that holds importance in Hinduism.

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