Ganga Trails: Spiritual Essence of Haridwar

Ganga Trails: Spiritual Essence of Haridwar
  • Scenic setting for spirituality seekers

The holy experience is here. Do you know why we are excited to get you on a Force Urbania trip from Delhi to Haridwar? It is because this is one of the most peaceful and harmonious experiences of a lifetime. Picture yourself starting the trip early morning. Getting into Force Urbania and striking the roads from Delhi to Haridwar. It’s like walking into a peaceful discovery.

Haridwar has a lot more energy and enthusiasm. Travelers say you can feel the purity in the air you breathe there. Through our amazing package for your trip to Haridwar, we wish to make your journey outstanding. We want to make sure your journey becomes special and even more overwhelming. You will see many places covered in the trip to stop along the way. Your journey will start from Delhi and then we move towards Haridwar. 

The duration of the trip is almost 236 km which makes it a 5-hour journey. So, let’s create a journey you won’t forget. So, let’s create a journey you won’t forget.

Top places in Haridwar that you will explore on the Force Urbania trip

It is known for its holy ghats, where visitors come together to dip in the holy waters of Ganga. The city also charms tourists from around the world who come to witness the grand festivities in Haridwar. Check out the list below.

Har Ki Pauri 

Everyone knows that Har Ki Pauri is one of the most popular places in Haridwar. Do you know? this place is the visitor's first choice. As you reach the ghat, the scent of flowers, havans, and sound bhajans around you will make your inner vibe so energetic. Believe us when we say this, it's going to be serene. In the evening, witness the beautiful aarti. It is a special ceremony that takes place every evening where priests sing along with drum beats that create a high-energy atmosphere all around the area. Trust us, the energy is beyond amazing. The chanting of mantras and the sound of the drums will cleanse your mind. 

Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi is believed to fulfill the desires of every devotee. Do you know the exciting part? You have the option to trek to the temple or take a cable car. Are you looking for some charming views of the city surrounded by hills? If your answer is yes, then you must opt for a cable car. As soon as you reach, you can pray, and tie your desire threads around the trees with pure intentions and forget about it after you leave the place. The energies will work for you naturally.

Chandi Devi Temple 

It is another popular religious place in Haridwar. Here, you need to go through trekking or cable car. We recommend trekking only for youngsters or people with good stamina as the trek is a little challenging. Going forward, check out the serene atmosphere and views. Chandi Devi represents goddess Parvati and is believed to fulfill the wishes of everyone who comes to her door with an innocent heart. So, pour your feelings out in from of the goddess.

Maya Devi Temple 

It is one of the oldest temples in Haridwar. It has ancient and spiritual meaning.  Maya describes the power of illusion. The goddess Sati sacrificed herself by setting on fire. It is believed that her heart and navel landed at this temple. The construction of this temple mirrors the rich legacy of the region. A visit to Haridwar Maya Devi temple is a must.

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar 

Do you love nature? Are you excited to view beautiful birds of different species? If yes, then a visit to this place is a must. And you do not have to worry about traveling to all of these places. We are going to take you to each of the places by Force Urbania. All you have to do is sit and enjoy the beauty. Move through the beautiful green fields and the river bank. You will spot amazing birds in different colors in the habitat. The peaceful atmosphere and chirping of birds will not let you come back. It is truly a way to reconnect with nature.

Rajaji National Park 

As we mentioned earlier, Haridwar is not only about temples. It has a lot more. Are you looking for a thrilling adventure? If yes, this park is a perfect place to visit in Haridwar. The park is home to the plant kingdom and wildlife. Check out the park through a jeep safari inside or trekking is another option to explore. Catch the views of beautiful bird species, giant elephants, and tigers. You have a great chance to see the timeless beauty of nature.

A few more options to visit in Haridwar

Travelers who are lovers of history and culture can visit a few more places. The first one is Birla Ghar is a point of relaxation and meditation. On the other hand, you can also check out the Haridwar Museum. It gives an understanding of Haridwar’s rich traditions. Yes, through its variety of ancient pieces and displays.


The city of Haridwar has an amazing charm. With its well-established landscapes, religiousness, spirituality, and rich heritage, it is a journey of self-awakening. We promise you this Force Urbania journey from Delhi to Haridwar is going to be a journey of self-discovery. If you are seeking comfort in the peaceful and harmonious ghats or seeking the blessings of the holy divine powers. This place offers natural wonders surrounding the beautiful city. A blend of spirituality and adventure. With our best package from Delhi to Haridwar, you can dig yourself into the charming vibe of the city and create a thousand memories that will last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags this weekend and get on a transforming trip through this beautiful city. The city awaits the travelers with wide open arms. Get ready to awaken the mind, soul, and body. All you have to do is connect with us and share your plans. We will do the rest.

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