Forts and Beyond: Must-Visit Sites on a Gwalior Trip

Forts and Beyond: Must-Visit Sites on a Gwalior Trip
  • A trip for history buffs and wanderlust seekers alike.


The city is filled with majestic treasures and ancient historical wonders. We will take you on a trip by Force Urbania to Gwalior. The trip is packed with history and traditions. Are you a history lover? If yes, this city should be on your top list. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, this city is popular for its amazing forts that display the stories of the ancient past.

The forts in Gwalior hold huge ancient meanings. They have seen the growth and downfall of different dynasties. It makes them living proof of the city’s amazing history. Many forts include a variety of structures. From the gorgeous Man Singh Palace to the eye-catching Gujari Mahal. Every inch of the forts in Gwalior reflects art and craftsmanship. The city is filled with history and surrounded by famous landmarks. In this article, we will discuss the places to explore in Gwalior.

Exploring the Forts of Gwalior

Discover beauty, art, and the stories of the kingdoms. Get ready to be amazed when you step inside the fort. Man Singh Palace is a sight to look at. Its decorative balconies, well crafted and designed pillars with amazing artwork will take you to ancient times. The place is home to the archaeological museum. It displays a huge collection of statues, objects, and ancient documentation.

Nearby Man Singh Palace is Gurjari Mahal. It is a remarkable structure that assisted as the palace of Queen Mrignayani. It has now been converted into a Museum of Gwalior. Home to a beautiful variety of artifacts. You will see old coins and engraving that are super exciting to watch and know the rich history of the region.

In this Force Urbania trip to Gwalior, the next on the list is Saas Bahu temples. It is popular for its complex carvings and architecture. These are the most visited temples in Gwalior that you should at least visit once in a lifetime. They are devoted to Lord Vishnu and showcase the brilliance of Indian art.

Gwalior serves more than just its charming forts. Discover the Jai Vilas Palace in Gwalior. It is a stunning beauty that is a mixture of Indian and European grace. Explore the grand palace and be amazed by the furnishing and artwork. This palace is also home to a museum that has an impressive variety of antiques.

Are you a music lover? If your answer is yes then a visit to the Tomb of Tansen is something you cannot miss. The journey by Force Urbania to Gwalior is going to be memorable as we will take you to this amazing place. It is attributed to one of the most well-known musicians in the history of India. Tansen was a great music composer and the Tomb is a scenic spot in Gwalior where music lovers can pay tribute to the legend Tasen.

Next is the visit to the Gwalior Zoo. The zoo is covered in a massive 8 hectares. Home to several animal species which include elephants, tigers, and great lions. You will see a variation of reptiles. Believe us, this trip to Gwalior from Delhi will be educational yet entertaining for all ages travelers. 

Check out the popular temple in Gwalior which is the Sun Temple. It is dedicated to Surya. The temple offers a calm and divine environment for visitors. Once we take you to the temple by Force Urbania, you can step down and take blessings and offer prayers. The exclusive design of this temple is unique.  A pyramid-shaped construction and engraved carvings make it different from other temples in the city.

Food and shopping

Is a trip complete without shopping or trying the best food? We guess your answer is no. Check out the colorful markets of the city and tasty food and snacks. The most famous markets in Gwalior are Patankar Bazar and Sarafa. You can get into the crowd and shop for traditional jewelry and fabrics

Gwalior offers a huge variety of flavors when it comes to local cuisines. From the yummy kebabs and biryanis to the popular food of Gwalior Poha. The city’s cookery delights are sure to amaze your tastebuds. Also, do not forget to try the tastiest and local specialty of Gwalior. Do you know what it is? We’ll tell you! It is the mouth-watering Bedai. A deep fried Kachori with Aloo sabzi.


A journey from Delhi to Gwalior is a trip into culture, art, and ancient history. Check out the beautiful Forts in Gwalior to the rich heritage. Discover the gems and pass on the stories to your children. This is the beauty of Indian culture. Isn’t it?  The city is filled with treasures of iconic landmarks, and spiritual temples, and a great place for nature lovers. Gwalior has something for everyone. So, we believe you will bring your kids and family on this amazing thoughtful trip and make a thousand memories. And we know you are familiar with our name. Just reach out through a WhatsApp text or a call. We will be there for you to arrange your trip and customize it according to your requirements. Let Gwalior make a mark on your soul. See you then! 

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