Delhi to Jodhpur Urbania Hire: Road Trip, Travel Time By Car, Distance & Route

Delhi to Jodhpur Urbania Hire: Road Trip, Travel Time By Car, Distance & Route
  • Exploring the magnificent city and its rich cultural heritage.


Starting your trip in Delhi and heading to Jodhpur is an amazing adventure. It lets you dive into India's deep history and culture. Choose a Force Urania for a comfy and easy ride to see the Blue City's lovely colors. This guide will show you India's charm as you go from the lively Delhi to the grand Jodhpur by booking a trip from Delhi's best travel agency.

Get ready to start an amazing trip as your small bus goes down the twisty roads from Delhi to Jodhpur. As you go, you'll see the beautiful views of India's countryside. You'll get quick looks at country life and its colorful mix. As you travel, you'll see old and new together. Green fields stretch out to meet old buildings full of history. The road takes you to the heart of Rajasthan's old stories. With each kilometer, you get closer to real stories of bravery and love from the past written in the stones around you. 

Exploring the City

Think about Mehrangarh Fort. It looks over the city of Jodhpur. Its big walls share tales of fights and courage. Imagine Umaid Bhawan Palace against the backdrop of the sky. It shows the richness and beauty of India's kings and queens from before. All you need to do is book a Force Urbania through a travel agency in Delhi for a perfect trip.

This trip does more than just move you from city to city; it gives you a peek into India's heart. With every halt and view, you get to dig into the colorful culture and deep history that Rajasthan shows off. Here, each second on the way is a chance to find something new making sure that the trip is just as good as where you're going.

Looking Around Jodhpur: Road Trip, Travel Time By Car, Distance & Route

Attraction Description
Mehrangarh Fort Enjoy the big view from the tall Mehrangarh Fort standing above Jodhpur like an ancient protector. Its big size and detailed artwork tell stories of bravery and glory that match Rajasthan's vibe
Jaswant Thada Close by, the calming Jaswant Thada shines in white marble sharing sweet tales of devotion and sorrow. A perfect way to make your trip memorable is book a Force Urbania for your next trip to Jodhpur.
Food Journey Begin your food journey in Jodhpur's lively food spots tasting traditional meals that burst with flavors as deep and varied as the town itself. Enjoy spicy mirchi bada and sweet mawa kachori as each mouthful honors Rajasthani food.
City Experience Every lane, structure, and smile in Jodhpur shares a tale. It's a place where past, culture, and customs mingle to form a story as mesmerizing and lively as the blue shades that paint its view.
Distance by car 600 km
Route NH48 via Gurgaon, Neemrana, Behror, Ajmer, Pali
Estimate travel time by Road  10 to 11 hours


Planning Your Journey

To start an amazing trip from Delhi to Jodhpur, you need help from the best travel experts in Delhi. Find the top travel agency right in the city center. They know how to make a trip full of Rajasthan's magic how you picture it. Talk to these travel leaders about what you want your trip to be like. They will make you a personalized plan, with good prices and an easy booking process. This isn't just booking a trip from Delhi to Jodhpur; it's creating an adventure with travel pros. Work with them for an easy trip where they take care of all the details, from Delhi's old roads to Jodhpur's blue beauty.

A sample Itinerary from Delhi to Jodhpur

This is 4-day plan for an idea so that you can plan your trip to Jodhpur from Delhi.

  1. Day 1 starts with the morning light as we leave Delhi, India's core, to head toward grand Jodhpur moving through the countryside. We pause at special spots our experienced guides know giving you a glimpse into the local life and craftspeople that flourish away from India's main story. By nightfall, we reach Jodhpur and settle into our hotel, our evening meal introducing us to Rajasthani food. 
  2. Day 2 focuses on seeing the Blue City's top sites. In the morning, Mehrangarh Fort stands tall, its walls hold many tales and give us broad views. After eating, we explore the old city's pathways finding something new at every corner, and end the afternoon at the peaceful Jaswant Thada, which glows in the sunset's soft light.
  3. Day 3 invites you to dive into local traditions. We start at the busy Sardar Market then join workshops with artisans and learn to make local handicrafts. We spend the afternoon exploring Umaid Bhawan Palace admiring its regal past and old cars. 
  4. Day 4 has us going back to Delhi, with a last visit to a surprise place that shows Rajasthan's lovely scenery and kind folks. This day is for thinking about what we've seen and done taking home not just gifts but also stories to tell.

Best time to visit Jodhpur

You should travel to Jodhpur between October and March because the vibe is beautiful on every corner, perfect for seeing places and having fun in the city. You can also go when it rains. Jodhpur doesn't get much rain, but it does get a bit sticky. Though it's still pretty hot and damp. For a budget friendly trip to Jodhpur, travelers do prefer traveling to Jodhpur during monsoon between July to September as winter is a peak season with maximum crowd. Thus, plan to trip to Jodhpur from Delhi as per your pocket and comfort.

Jodhpur often called the Blue City, shows off its beauty like a colorful carpet against the Thar Desert's clear scenery. This blue-toned city has many exciting things to find. Walk around the twisty paths of the old town discovering historic gems and stunning designs at every turn. The air smells like spices and you can hear the lively noise from shops pulling you into the local ways.



Booking a Force Urbania to travel from Delhi to Jodhpur gives more than just a ride. It's like receiving a personal invite to see the heartbeat of India with your own eyes. All while sitting snug in the modern perks of a well-planned trip. Delhi's top travel agencies makes sure of that. You don't just pass through towns and sceneries; you dive deep, learn, and share tales, packing up moments that echo with the lively soul of India.

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